What is this "W" sign?

If you answered, a piece of potentially life saving equipment, you are right. The sign depicted above is a reference for firefighter's throughout Mount Vernon and our mutual aid towns. They are metal and are mounted at the top of sign stakes along the road side. This sign tells firefighters that a water source is within 1,000 feet. Why is this a big deal? The trucks in our mutual aid group carry 1,000 feet of 4" fire hose. This sign lets the firefighters know when to begin dropping that hose and ensures that the dropped hose will reach the water source. In towns where dry hydrants and water holes are a vital part of fire protection these signs are invaluable. A lot of time is saved by dropping hose efficiently and not having to search around for the closest water source.

Recently we have noticed several of these signs have been removed or damaged. This summer we will be replacing worn, missing or damaged signs We would appreciate your help. If you notice one of these signs is damaged or has disappeared please let us know. Contact: Chief Danna Dunn @ the Country Store or Lieutenant Jason Beckler @ 293-3629. We also would ask that you not place any other signs on these sign post as it can detract from the hydrant signs making it difficult to see especially at night.

A friendly reminder: The area around a posted fire hydrant (dry hydrant) needs to remain clear at all times to allow emergency access. Thanks for your cooperation.