FAQís - Mount Vernon Fire Department


How many fire calls do you have?

It varies from year to year, but we average about 50 to 100 calls per year.


How do you know when to go and where the fire is located?

We use pagers to alert the department. A pager is a small radio receiver so the dispatcher can announce where the fire is and what type of call it is.


How often does the Department have meetings or training?

We have supper starting at 6 P.M. followed by a business meeting and a brief training session on the first Thursday each month. We also have training on the third Thursday each month from 7 P.M. until about 9 P.M. We occasionally have extra training sessions on a Saturday.


Can I join if Iím under 18?

Yes. We have 14 and 15 year olds in the junior brigade and 16 and 17 year olds in the junior firefighter program. Parental permission is required.


Do I have to pay for my turnout gear and pager?

No. The department supplies them. Good thing, too because a full set of turnout gear with a pager costs about $3500.!!


What if Iím busy or out of town when thereís a call?

We expect firefighters to respond whenever they can. If youíre busy, out of town or sick, you may choose not to go to a call.


How do you coordinate with other fire departments?

We belong to the Lakes Region Mutual Aid group along with six other towns. Whenever there is a big fire in one of those towns, we all respond to help. We all use the same channel on the radio, so we can talk to each other.


Isnít firefighting dangerous?

Yes it is, but with regular training and a level head at calls, risk can be minimized. We have an excellent safety record.


Do I have to be trained to go into burning buildings?

Yes, but not everyone chooses to be on an entry team. Extensive training is required. However, there are many other important jobs at every fire scene.


Who drives the fire trucks?

Any firefighter who has been trained and certified by one of the Chiefs may drive a fire truck. On a call, whoever gets to the station first usually drives a truck.


How do I join the Mount Vernon Fire Department?

To join the Mount Vernon Fire Department you must first fill out an application. Then you are expected to attend all meetings and training sessions. After one month you will likely be voted in as a trainee. After a successful six-month probation, you will be voted in as a full member.