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Mt Vernon Fire Department Completes ISO Re-rating

The MVFD recently completed the Insurance Services Office (ISO) fire re-rating process. We've been working diligently for more than a year to get the Town's fire insurance rating improved and expect to hear the results by January. Our current rating is a 9 (out of 10). We hope to lower our rating to at least a 7. This will have a direct impact on your fire insurance premiums. Although commercial policyholders will benefit more than residential, everyone should see a drop in premiums next year.

The Fire Department demonstrated competence in pumping by showing we could drive up to a scene, drop our portatank, fill the tank, and have water flowing (at 250 gallons per minute) within 3 minutes. We also demonstrated our ability to pump water in a relay arrangement with the Readfield Fire Department. Each of our trucks was also measured for time to fill its 1000 gallon tank (2 minutes) and time to dump out the same 1000 gallons. (also 2 minutes) We have mapped, measured, and had certified all 15 dry hydrants and 8 waterholes that we currently maintain. We also have reorganized our files on maintenance, training, fire calls, and pump certification. The total paperwork fills two 3 inch binders. The countless hours expended were not tallied.

Several of the nearby towns in our mutual aid group are also seeking a new ISO rating. Readfield earned a 6 last year while Wayne, Fayette, Winthrop, and Belgrade are at various stages of completion. The group effort has created many opportunities for joint training and appropriate revisions to the groups SOP's (standard operating procedures). We all hope never to have to use these skills, but isn't it comforting to know that not only the Mount Vernon Fire Department, but all the surrounding towns too, are well trained and working to improve all the time.

Thanks for your continued support,

Cam Weaver
ISO Coordinator, MVFD

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