Mount Vernon Fire Department upgrades its communication system


Thanks to Firefighter Lieutenant Jason Beckler (grant writer) and a grant from Homeland Security along with 5% matching monies from the Town, the Fire Department has a new improved radio communication system.


The new system provides better communications among the firefighters. It also improves communications with the dispatch center in Winthrop.


The three improvements are:

More powerful two-way radios


The new local transmitter also has more power


Adds a better backup with the dispatch center


If Winthropís transmitter should fail, Winthrop may now automatically (via telephone) communicate by using Mt. Vernonís local transmitter. Previously they could only do this with manual phone intervention.

Winthrop can also communicate with any or all towns in the Lakes Region Mutual Aide System (also with the Belgrade Fire Department) using Mt. Vernonís local transmitter.


Our local Fire Department, together with the Lakes Region Mutual Aide System, is the ďFirst ResponderĒ for fire, accident or any disaster in our town. The Department continues to provide the best service to the community for the lowest possible cost!


The Department thanks the Town (taxpayers) for providing the matching funds for these important grants that improve our operation.