Galen Cole Family Foundation

Thermal Imaging Camera Grant Program



The Galen Cole Family Foundation has a mission to place a thermal imaging camera in every Fire Department in the State of Maine. As of April 1, 2005 they had placed 229 cameras into service through this grant program. 


In 2001 Mt. Vernon Fire Department was pleased to receive a thermal imaging camera.  Since that time we have had to put that camera to work at countless calls.  During these times we have often said that it would be of great use to have more cameras working a scene, aiding firefighters to save property and lives. It is very common to hear a firefighter call out for a camera at a working structure fire, only to find out that they are all in use.


On October 14, 2005 the Galen Cole Foundation wrote to all thermal imaging camera grant recipients announcing an expansion of their grant program.  This expansion would allow fire departments the opportunity to acquire a second thermal imaging camera.  They asked that all departments requesting a camera offer to help defray the cost by paying a larger portion of the cost than in the past.  The Foundation stated that any departments having interest in a second camera should take advantage of this offer because they would not likely offer it again. 


The Mount Vernon firefighters discussed this opportunity and it was decided that if the department was going to ever be able to afford a second camera this was the best option.  On November 29, 2005 The Mount Vernon Fire Department received notification of acceptance to the grant program.  The Mount Vernon Fire Department would be receiving a Bullard T3MAX thermal imaging camera.  This camera total cost is  $11,999.00.  The Galen Cole Family Foundation will be paying for the total cost up front. The Mount Vernon Fire Department will have to raise $6,500.00 to cover their share of the camera to be paid no later than November 1, 2006 leaving $5,499.00 as the Cole Foundations share of this grant. The last week in December 2005 The Mount Vernon Fire Department placed its second thermal imaging camera into service. 


Thank you once again to the Cole Foundation and to the people of the towns that we serve and protect.


Thanks to the voters of Mt. Vernon for approving the $6,5000 for the thermal imaging camera at the annual 2006 Spring Town Meeting.